Purpose Of Life

The answer can be given in a few lines, but takes a whole books to explain. The short answer is this: There is a God, He is fair and just, and He wants us to achieve the reward of paradise.

However, God has placed us in this worldly life as a test — to weed out the worthy from the unworthy. And we will be lost — if left to our own devices. Why? Because we don’t know what He wants from us.

We can’t navigate the twists and turns of this life without His guidance, and hence, He has given us guidance in the form of revelations.

Surat Adh-Dhāriyāt (The Winnowing Winds) – سورة الذاريات

وَمَا خَلَقْتُ الْجِنَّ وَالْإِنسَ إِلَّا لِيَعْبُدُونِ

“And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.” | QS 51:56

And that how it goes. C’est La Vie! Cheerios comrades. Salam (peace be upon you).


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