Did Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Warn Us of ISIS?

Reflect on this critical point. Whenever ISIS kills in the name of Islam, claims to follow the Quran, or uses the Holy month of Ramadan to spread anarchy across the globe, know that Prophet Muhammad explicitly warned us of these imposters, and entrusted us to root them out.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) furiously and painfully described these evildoers, and admonished Muslims to beware of their evil and fight it. “Whoever fights them is better to Allah than them,” he proclaimed.

Well, I must admit, won’t be much of a surprise — of all the prophecies came into reality. Though the saddening part, we’re nearing to the end of time? Subhanallah, 1400 years ago — The Messenger (PBUH) described the whole stories in perfect details. Will we take lesson from them?


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